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Living by the Truth in a World of Lies

The concept of “Truth” is very interesting to me.  Truth is something that simply is. I  was born in 1996, the last year of the millennial generation.  Through my journey of growing closer with Jesus, one of my greatest obstacles has been believing the lies of the world and of Satan, as I’m sure many believers struggle with.  Living in today’s North American society, it can be extremely difficult to avoid being affected by things that the world constantly feeds our brains through social media and entertainment platforms, especially for men that are of warrior age like myself.  When life gets busy, I have found myself going one, two, or three days without having my quiet time in scripture and in prayer, and as a result, I can quickly become susceptible to falling into small states of anxiety or depression and become discouraged.  Eric Ludy once said, “If you are not intimately acquainted with the truth, a counterfeit can be quite deceptive”.  I believe that Satan takes advantage of the times we don’t make living in truth a priority.  Simply put, knowing Jesus is knowing the truth. (John 14:6)

About a year ago, I developed a habit that greatly influenced my life spiritually. Whenever there is a lie from Satan thrown at me, whether it’s about me not being good enough or that God doesn’t love me, I would combat it with truth and write it down in my phone.  Through many scriptures and prayers, I created a small list of the following truths about God and my identity that I read aloud to myself every day as a declaration to Jesus.

My Daily Declaration List

1. Today my body is overwhelmingly blessed with the life and joy of your breath.

2. My identity is not in what I have or what I do, but who I am in You by your Spirit.

3. I will not be overcome by life’s circumstances but will stand the test and run the race with joy because you overcame the world. 

4. The power of sin and death does not and will not rule my life.

5. I will work to continually align my thoughts and desires with that of the Father in heaven. 

6. I will strive to keep my hands and mind diligent to always better develop myself.

7. My body is a holy temple created for the power and presence of your Spirit, so I will make every effort to treat my body as such. 

8. I am not a slave to sin or the Evil One. 

9. Through the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit, I have the ability to resist any temptation that seeks to destroy me.

10. Jesus, you have appointed me a warrior to stand against the evil of this world, therefore I will not gratify my body and defile my conscience and right standing with You.

11. I cannot afford to compromise my faith by feeding my lustful desires. 

This list takes me less than a minute to read, but the Spirit-filled energy that this truth gives, helps me conquer whatever trial the day holds.  My list reflects my past of battling porn and lust, so yours might look a little different.  I can say that practicing this small habit has helped my mind be renewed day by day with the reality of who God says I am.  Remember, only when you continuously submerse yourself in truth, can you effectively distinguish and destroy the lies.

Warrior On!

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Ryan Crandall

Ryan Crandall is a warrior in his own right. He is currently in the Air National Guard while majoring in Business and IT at Wichita State University. Ryan has been mentored since he was 15. Now, in his early 20s, he sees the value of becoming a 2 Timothy 2:2 man, investing in the lives of other men for Christ. When not studying or serving our country, Ryan enjoys hanging with friends and family. He can also do a mean backflip!

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