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Life Change Through Faith

In life, especially in careers I often hear people say, “I just want to make it”. This phrase is something I hear again and again, especially in the film world. However, I often ask myself “what is the ‘it”’ we all want to make it to? Often in our lives, in our relationships, in our work, in our pursuit of dreams, we have to take leaps and make decisions that are scary and these decisions take faith.  For me, it took a lot of faith to finally pursue a career in film. I knew that God had given me a passion for the arts and communicating beauty to others but I knew that film or any art as a career was difficult and oftentimes not the most stable route to take in life. Perhaps for you, the leap of faith is finally asking out that person that you have been too afraid to pursue, or maybe it’s changing jobs because you know God has placed a dream in your heart. Regardless of what it is, it takes faith to make life-changing decisions and move forward with whatever your God-given dream is.

Recently someone asked me how faith is integrated into my career today; it took me a few days to come to an answer. During the times I have had to make big or scary decisions I have seen faith prominently in my life; however, on a daily basis, I think it is often hard for us to see how we need faith when life seems stable or even boring. In the pursuit of our dreams, our relationships, our goals it is hard to see faith in the day today. I think though, that this is when we need faith the most. 

Faith in the Present For the Future

As I wrote earlier, a lot of people, myself included, want to “make it” in their careers, dreams, relationships, etc, and it’s easy for us to see the need for faith in the pursuit of these dreams. However, if faith only exists in the trying times of the unknown but is not present in every moment of our lives we may fall into some traps. It is quite easy for me to get caught up in dreams of the future. I dream of documentary premiers, of making beautiful films but the danger in focusing so much of our attention and faith on the future is that we miss out on the process of getting to those places. We can so easily live our entire lives for some abstract mountain peak moment that we might completely miss where God has us right now. For me, right now I’m a young 23-year-old man who is starting off in his career. The temptation for me is to not see the value of where I am at and just to focus on the future, to dream of a time where I have “made it”. Faith, however, is to trust that wherever you are at in life is the most valuable time of your life and deserves your full attention. It is easy for us to only place value on the big exciting moments of our lives, but in doing so we can miss God in the seemingly mundane. If we only live for the big moments of life we may fail to be present for the very life God has given us, and may very well not be present for the big moments of life when they come. Let us be fully present for these times!

What God has to Say

Throughout the Bible God often decides to meet people in the simplest and most humble things or times in life. God was incarnate in Jesus, who was born in a stable in the small humble town of Bethlehem. Christ told us to look for him in the beggar on the side of the road. God appeared to Elijah in the whisper. However, in contrast, our culture values that which gains the most attention. We all want to be the most successful, have the most views on our videos, make the most money, have the most power, be famous, etc. I don’t think these are bad things, but God often seems to enjoy meeting us in the simplest and humblest moments. So, for those who are pursuing dreams or careers, there is a temptation to live for the grand moments while missing God in the present moment. I believe that faith is the belief that where we are now in life, is the highest point in our lives because this is where God has intentionally placed us.

Good is Coming

I am convinced that God has good things in store for his children and God wants us to enjoy them. When we allow ourselves to slow down a little we can more fully experience the gifts God has given us. I have found it hard to find God in the “beggar” on the side of the road when I am moving too quickly through life.  I’m not saying don’t have dreams and don’t work hard for them. Do! Dreams and hard work are the lifeblood of our lives. But don’t move so fast through life that you miss where God has you right now. When we slow down it is easier for us to see God in the beggar, in the whisper. And please have grace for yourself in this process. I have found that it is hard for me to focus on God-given goals, or focus on the present moment when I am judging myself. Christ does not desire this for us. Trust God that where you are in life, whether you are as far along as you would like to be or not. Trust that right now, this very moment, every moment, whether exciting or seemingly mundane is infinitely valuable. I fully believe this is one of the best ways we can honor the gift of life God has blessed us with. Faith is trust in the constant falling, Faith is this present moment. 

Warrior On!

Ross Yarrow

I fully believe that life is full of things that deserve to be upheld, appreciated and worthy of our attention, For me film is a way to express and share and celebrate life and story with others.

Growing up in Kansas I spent much of my time in the woods. From exploring, wandering through the trees with friends, and my naturally inquisitive nature I began to feel a desire to express mine and others experience through art. The unknown the wild and the mysticism of everyday life inspires me.

My latest project is a feature-length documentary titled "Revelation, An Ode to the Present Moment".  It's a film about the value, and divine nature of everyday life and how it can be a powerful inspiration that should be revered and celebrated.

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