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How Longboarding Showed Me the Way

There’s a large park near my house with almost 9 miles of trails! Perfect for one of my favorite pastimes, longboarding! One evening while enjoying the sunset on my four-wheeled board. I was headed back to my car, but for some odd reason, instead of going back to my car, which was parked pretty close by, I decided to turn in the opposite direction. About 30 seconds later, an older lady stopped and asked me where the 13th Street park entrance was. Not thinking much of it I pointed in the direction and told her all she needed to do was follow the road and it would take her back to where she had parked her car. She didn’t seem to think that was the right way since someone else told her to go the other way. It was getting dark, and she didn’t want me to walk her to the other side of the park. She apologized and carried on in the wrong direction. I felt bad but skated on, knowing I couldn’t seem to convince her she was going the wrong way. 

Unplanned Encounter 

When I got back to the car I saw her standing confused at the 21st Street park entrance. Walking over to her, I told her I’d drive her to her car. She told me that her son was working and couldn’t help her. She told me that she was anxious about being lost. Assuring her I knew the park very well because of all my longboarding, I offered to help her find her car. She thanked me as we walked over to my car, and got in. We found her car, about a mile away exactly where she had parked it. She kept apologizing to me but was very thankful. I could tell when I dropped her off she was close to tears. The cool part about all this is that I had been planning to go back to my car, but for some reason had turned the opposite way and continued longboarding when she first stopped me. I didn’t know why I turned that way, it just happened. Now, I know why. God desired me to help a lost lady find her car in a dark park.

God has a Reason for Everything 

When we think we turned the wrong direction, God uses us to have an impact on someone else or to teach us something. I don’t understand why running into that lady twice got my attention, but it did. I have been so busy lately worrying about me and my life. So much has been going on that at times I’ve felt my head spinning. God, I know you are there, but none of what is going on right now makes sense. I’ve forgotten to do the very thing God created me to do. I was made to serve others and to help show Christ’s love. When I am not doing the thing I was created for, I become lost myself. The last few weeks I’ve been lost. Saved in Jesus, definitely, but lost in the sense of confused and directionless. Spending my energy on myself, I missed out on the greatest pleasure of life, and that is to know God and be used by Him.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will return to you. Psalm 51;12-13 ESV 

4 Helpful Ways to Find Your Way 

1. Realize that God is at work even in wrong or unplanned choices. Even in things that at the moment do not make sense, don’t lose heart because life just fell apart. God is at work either calling you to repentance of the sins that side-tracked you or by leading you through a dark time when it seems like God’s gone radio silent.

2. Even Christ-followers who are saved for eternity can get side-tracked. An excessive amount of introspection can skew your perspective on what is going on. It’s okay to ask for help, and when you do, listen for godly wisdom. 

3. No matter how lost you feel, course correction is a supernatural work of God in your life.  Let Him in. 

4. You know you are finding your way when Christ becomes the increasing center of your life and values. Serving others is a natural progression of spiritual maturity.

Father, use me to bring glory to your name. Help me to always follow you. Create in me a pure heart, O God and renew a steadfast spirit in me. Thank you for how you use all things for your glory. Thank you for the opportunity to help someone who was lost. Help me to allow others to help me when I am lost. Thank you for always being faithful, God.

Warrior On!

Luke Lallement

Luke is a Graphics Design major at Wichita State University and is becoming a 2 Timothy 2:2 man as he mentors other younger guys.  Besides his hammock, Luke's other favorite place to hang out is at local coffee shops.  Soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and longboarding are also his specialties!

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