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Finding Freedom and Purity- A Warrior’s Experience

My life was going great. I had tons of friends at church and at work. I loved learning about God, and I’d be at church every Sunday to learn about how God wanted me to live. For the most part I lived by God’s standards, except in one key area: my sexuality.

I knew all about God’s standards with regards to sex and was committed to abstinence. And while I have never been in an impure relationship, I struggled a lot with pornography and lust. I was living a paradox. On the one hand I had never touched a woman with dishonor and knew how to live a pure life, but on the other hand I was giving into lust and porn. I tried for so long to stop going through the binge-purge cycle until last year when I finally gave up on trying and accepted my sin as not being so bad. All of last year I knew it was destructive for my life and that my future wife and family would pay the price, but I couldn’t stop. It was just too hard to stop alone.

This year at a summer retreat, I experienced a turning point. The messages were about bringing our sins out of hiding where God can see them. This idea really hit me because I realized my sin would never end if I kept it secret where no one could see it. The last night at the retreat, I admitted my sin to a group of people and that I wanted to change. This was an incredible experience. I could feel the weight of all my sin falling off, but I still had a problem I had no one to turn to. I was afraid by the time I could find someone to be accountable to I would have fallen back into sin.

But sure enough it only took God two days to bring someone into my life! My now mentor had invited me to go get coffee with him. It was then that I told him about my sin and how much I wanted out of it. We started meeting weekly. We focused not only on how porn rewires my brain, but how a walk with Christ brings greater satisfaction. Since then, I have stayed away from porn. Having a mentor who keeps me accountable has been invaluable in my fight against temptation and my journey as a warrior.  





Mr. Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous is a college-aged warrior.  His journey into manhood has confronted him with what was becoming a duplicit life.  Things had to change.  This is his story of God at work in his life.

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